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At Eligo we love cars.

Our mission is to provide the world with the most innovative peer-to-peer car sharing service, recognized for outstanding safety and ease-of-use. We want to share our love of cars with other owners and drivers that share a common passion for automotive design, the driving experience, and creating the perfect moment. We connect great cars with discerning drivers; all the while offering car owners an opportunity to make money.

How We Differ

Our services allow car owners to earn extra money with their own cars, all with a safe and easy-to-use service that is focused on putting customer needs first. Eligo makes car sharing safe simple and easy — join us and start earning money today!

Luxury, Sport, Electric and Exotic

Our focus on Luxury, Sport, Electric and Exotic vehicles allows us to offer makes and models that you are actually excited about driving; for a lower cost than traditional car rental companies.


We are a community of drivers who all share the same appreciation for cars. In fact, Eligo specializes in connecting car owners and drivers who have an appreciation for automotive design. Unlike other traditional car rental agencies or car sharing services, we focus on the experience — and we want you to help others become a part of that experience.


Eligo provides safe, easy-to-use car sharing services using leading-edge technology which focuses on giving both the driver and owner the best experience possible while rewarding you for it at the same time. Our goal is to provide you with the most outstanding customer service experience

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our drivers, owners, and vehicles is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve implemented technologies to better understand and interpret driver behaviours; making sure that our drivers are matched with the most appropriate insurance.

Eligo Cars’ commercial insurance policy covers damages up to 100% of vehicle value, while the $2 Million liability coverage offers drivers additional protection.

In addition, our driver verification process gives owners the additional peace of mind when it comes to their car’s safety.

Ease of Use

We’re working hard to provide the best customer user experience possible. We regularly solicit customer input, monitor market trends, and employ leading edge technologies to streamline processes and provide an intuitive interface.

Proudly Canadian.

We are a proudly Canadian peer-to-peer car sharing company that allows private car owners to rent their luxury and exotic vehicles online.


Eligo offers more green options than our competitors, allowing you to do your part in helping the environment. Car sharing has been proven to reduce the number of cars on the road and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Don’t Leave it in the Garage. Eligo and Make Money.

Not all cars are Eligo cars. We review and curate our selection of vehicles. Our focus is on lovingly cared for luxury, sport, electric and exotic automobiles.

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