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Best Car Detailing Tips

Whether you just got your car from the show car lot, have owned it for a year or you’re a professional car detailer and getting ready for some new customers – Car Detailing Basics will walk you through how to do car detailing and how to do it perfectly.

In this article we will answer your most common questions about how Car Detailing Basics works, the equipment you need and what your car must look and feel like. We’ll also point you in the direction of the best tools to use when we talk about the specifics of the car detailing process.


If you’re already familiar with us and appreciate our expertise in the field, then Car Detailing Basics: Car Detailing Basics is probably going to be a pretty valuable read for you.


What is Car Detailing?

A car is an amazing machine… it’s got lots of complicated machines under its hood. But as far as a car’s aesthetic went… the answer to that question was once again “yes”.

The reason why a car might come across as dirty, messy, ragged and ugly is its interior: the body of a human.

You need to do clean up that interior after you’ve been using your car and to get its interior looking great.

Tips for Finding the Best Car Detailing Supplies

Tips for Finding the Best Car Detailing Supplies and Equipment

A clean car has a better chance of passing a routine inspection, which allows the car’s body and mechanical parts to do the work they were supposed to do. To do that, you need quality components. Car detailing companies are here to help you find them. You just need to know where to start looking. By starting with the following information, you will be able to put together a thorough car detailing plan that will leave your vehicle in better condition than when you found it.

Find Car Detailing Supplies and Equipment

You can shop around for car detailing supplies, but you will find that most companies charge their customers on a per-piece or per-service basis. It is better to shop for automotive supplies at a company that sells high-quality components, because that is going to be one of the secrets to a successful detailing project.

Do not be shy about asking for what you need. Instead of buying what you think you need, go online and use tools such as Google to look for automotive suppliers that offer a large selection of products. You will find that doing this will help you choose the right products, because you will know what you are going to get when you shop with a high-quality company.

There are many companies that cater to car detailing. You just need to find one that best fits your needs. Look through these resources to get a jump on your car detailing project.

“Do your research before purchasing new products.”

If you want to get more bang for your buck when it comes to automotive detailing supplies and equipment, do some research. Get a list of the different kinds of stuff you need. This will ensure the products you are going to buy are not going to be overkill.

Auto Detailing Mistakes

You know how you got into detailing? Maybe you were a teenage car fanatic who bought that red Honda Civic every second Friday and could never keep it clean. Or maybe it was a teenage girl who went from bad to worse with her parents’ car. Whatever the reason, you know what to expect from a car detailing shop – a quick and professional finish to everything from your wheels to those new car alarm clocks in your driveway.

  1. Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight
  2. Don’t apply wax or polish directly to the car’s surface.
  3. Don’t skip the polishing.
  4. Don’t forget to clean the tires/wheels first.
  5. Don’t use improper lighting


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