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Best EV Electric Cars on Sale

The sales of electric vehicles are booming and if you’re looking for a new electric car, check out this list before. Even if everybody knows Tesla with its electric vehicle models, after all it’s not just Tesla selling EVs. There are numerous EV models by different makes but do you know how you should choose the best car?

With 2022 just around the corner, we would like to share the best electric vehicles and their features with you before the start of a great year.

  • 2021 Mini Cooper SE

Cooper SE is a very new model of Mini for Electric Vehicles but to be honest, it was a great start with a car that is fun to drive and great to be in. Mini Cooper SE has 110 miles range with a single charge and 181 horsepower. Mini also provides a great fast charging option 50KW and it gets 80% charge in half an hour. In addition to all these fantastic features, this model is one of the cheapest EV models in the market.


  • 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric

This small SUV style electric car is one of the most affordable electric vehicles. Hyundai Kona Electric has a range of 258 miles and 201 horsepower. With its quick acceleration and sharp handling, Hyundai offers great driving experience. It also has a large cargo capacity, 19.2 cu.ft.


  • BMW iX xDrive50

BMW iX xDrive50 has a longer range, 505 kilometers and it has high horsepower. With BMW’s iX xDrive model, charging is possible by using a regular wall plug or a charging station. If you like BMW style, now you have a new electric choice.


  • Tesla Model 3

You can buy the cheapest Tesla Model 3 at $37.990 or easily rent on Eligo on the Tesla rental car category.  Its two trunks mean there’s plenty of room for all your stuff, but some may prefer an SUV or a hatchback with a big hatch.


  • 2021 Porsche Taycan

If you spend more on your next EV, Porsche Taycan would be the greatest option with its 750 horsepower. Porsche’s elegant, comfortable and fast model Taycan there is no better EV.

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