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Helping the environment one car at a time.


Peer-to-peer car sharing provides car owners with the opportunity to rent out their cars and make extra income, while providing renters with convenient and affordable options. You may have just started hearing about car sharing, but the concept has been gaining popularity all over the world in the last 2 decades.

One of the main reasons for this momentum is due to car sharing proving to be a good solution to many urban issues such as traffic congestion, limited parking availability, and costs of storing and maintaining a car. However, one of the most important benefits of car sharing is it’s positive impact on the environment.


Car sharing has the potential to remove 6 to 20 cars from traffic, based on the location. There are also a wide array of vehicles including many electric and hybrid available that may not be accessible through traditional car rental companies. In addition, car owners are incentivized to drive less and share more by increasing their earning potential.

How is Eligo helping?

Eligo is committed to creating a greener alternative to car ownership. We are partnering with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and will donate $3 per every day each car is rented through our platform. Together we can make a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions and invest in the preservation and restoration of Canada’s natural spaces.


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