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How Does Eligo Work?

Eligo makes car renting easy and convenient. With just a few clicks you can list your car for rent or search through our selection of dream cars to find your next rental.

Get Ready

Registering on Eligo is simple. You can either signup with your social media accounts or by entering your email address and creating a new password. You will then be able to upload a profile picture and enter other personal details on your profile page. Before you can list or rent a car, the system will ask you to enter your driver’s license information to verify your identity. Once your identity is verified, you will be eligible to rent or list your car.


Owners can list their car(s) by entering a brief description, a few details about their car and adding some good looking photos under the “List Your Car” tab. After listing your car, your listing will become available under the “My Garage” tab. “My Garage” tab allows you to make selections on price, available dates, edit other details, and unlist your car if you wish to do so.

Renters can search for their dream car on the main page or under the “Search Cars” tab. You can narrow down your search by different filters such as available dates, locations, price, and car features. Once you find the perfect car, you can request to book it by clicking the “Eligo” button under the listing.


Owners are notified once a new booking request is made for their car. You can accept or decline the request and discuss further details with the driver through our messaging system under the “Trips” tab under “My Garage”.

Once the trip is confirmed, Owners and renters meet at the designated pick up location of their choice, make sure the car is in good working condition, confirm the driver’s ID and simply hand over the keys.

As discerning drivers drive away to the sunset in their dream cars, owners can rest easy and enjoy the extra income their car generates.

Eligo’s commercial insurance policy covers damages to the owners’ car 100%, while the $2 Million liability coverage gives a peace of mind to the drivers.

Owners are able to track their car 24/7 live, not only for its GPS indicated location, but for stats like speed, hard breaking or excessive revving.

As all good things do, the rental period comes to an end as drivers and owners meet to exchange the keys to the car once again.

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