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How is Car Sharing Different Than Car Rental Companies?

Many of you will agree that it’s costly to own a car. Factor in maintenance, monthly payments, storage and everything in between and it may even be hard to justify. 

However, in certain circumstances a car is the best option for transportation. And without a vehicle, many of us turn to car rental companies where we pay a crazy amount of money, may be subject to hidden fees, and often have to worry about insurance coverage if we get into an accident.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Innovative and readily available technologies have made it easier for people to get around without owning a vehicle. This is where car sharing comes into play. 

What is car sharing?

You may have heard of car sharing before. The concept is very similar to Airbnb that it provides a platform which connects car owners looking to list their cars for extra income, and renters that are in search of a rental vehicle. The only way this concept is similar to a traditional rental company is that there is a car and a person wanting to rent it. But that is where the similarities end.

Connect with People

When you rent from a car rental company you deal with a large company and their employees. No wonder going through a rental kiosk is not the most pleasurable experience. Eligo differs from traditional car rental companies that it provides a lifestyle choice- not just a car. We aim to eliminate the dependance on car ownership and create alternative access-points to vehicles for a larger segment of the population. Renting from an Eligo host means renting from a person that has cared for and taken care of that car. The transaction is done online and there is no kiosk and no employee to deal with.

Better Experiences at a Lower Cost

Are you without a car and looking for a car-related experience that seamlessly fuses luxury, efficiency, and memorable moments? If so, car sharing is for you. 

Car rental companies have a limited fleet, and the costs for their “nicer” cars will usually make you opt for that sensible economic sedan. With Eligo, the possibilities are endless! You have the option to pick from a wide range of cars that are well-maintained and were often custom-designed by their owners. Since we don’t have to store the cars and maintain parking lots, the costs are also much lower than rental companies. So you get a better car for a lower cost, and a local car owner makes extra money; it’s a win-win for everyone.

Whether you want to surprise you spouse with a fast sports car to drive to your anniversary dinner, or want to make your weekend road trip a little more “green” with an electric car, car sharing provides a much better selection.

What About Insurance?

Insurance can be confusing when you rent a car. Sometimes it’s hard to know if your personal car insurance will cover the rental vehicle in an accident situation, or if it’s worth it to purchase additional insurance. The additional insurance offered is often costly and causes most drivers to decide against it, which may be a risk. Depending on your insurance policy and the gaps in your plan coverage, you may not be covered in certain situations while driving a rental car.

At Eligo we have partnered with a Canadian insurance provider, Northbridge Insurance, and made the process a lot simpler for you. Every car listed on the platform is 100% covered under our $2M insurance policy. We collect a standard 15% insurance fee from renters and offer the same $2M coverage with a $1000 deductible. We are transparent and upfront about our costs. You will know exactly what you’re getting before your trip begins. Go ahead and compare the costs, you’ll find that car sharing is a lot more economical.

What is Included?

With some car rental companies you can end up paying for a lot of “hidden costs”. We try to make it as easy as possible for you. In addition to the insurance fee, Eligo will only charge you a 10% service fee. You will not be charged any taxes or additional fees on top of that!

When you’re browsing through the options, looking for your next ride on Eligo, you can filter by dates as well as additional features. For example, if you would like the car delivered to your location, you can pick that as an option. You’ll love the convenience of your car showing up at the airport gate instead of having to travel to a rental lot.

Efficiency Through Technology

When you rent a vehicle from a car owner through a car-sharing platform like Eligo, you get to choose which car suits your excursion without breaking the bank. You won’t have to worry about dealing with insurance if you get in an accident and the entire process is super efficient. 

In the end, the car owner receives some funds that they can put towards monthly expenses, and the renter gets to have a more economical way of transportation with better convenience. 

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