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Eligo Cars, Canada’s Leading Car-Share Platform, Partners With The Nature Conservancy Canada


Peer-to-peer car sharing provides car owners with the opportunity to rent out their cars and make extra income, while providing renters with convenient and affordable options. Eligo Cars emphasizes the positive impact car sharing has on the environment and has partnered with Nature Conservancy Canada.



Car share programs are not new but Toronto’s Eligo Cars stands out from the pack on a number of fronts, the latest is their new partnership with the Nature Conservancy Canada and commitment to donate $3 per day for every car rented.


The rise in popularity of car shares is a direct result of urban issues such as traffic congestion, limited parking availability, and costs of storing and maintaining a car. With Eligo Cars extra emphasis is placed on the positive impact of eco-friendly car sharing. Car sharing has the potential to remove 6 to 20 cars from traffic, depending on location. There are also a wide array of vehicles including many electric and hybrid options that may not be accessible through traditional car rental companies. In addition, car owners are incentivized to drive less and share more by increasing their earning potential.

Safe for car owners

Eligo Cars has made the peer-to-peer car sharing process simple, easy and safe for car owners. Eligo’s commercial insurance policy covers cars valued up to $500,000.00 and takes care of 100% of damages. Eligo Cars has thought of every concern a car owner might have, and offers innovative solutions.

Safe for car renters

Anyone renting an Eligo car is also provided with safeguards to ensure their safety and address their concerns. All consumers are vetted through a registration process, and all cars available for rent are in great working order, have a clean title and are in excellent condition as per Eligo’s Maintenance and Safety Requirements.

It is costly to own a car, and in many urban areas residents do not actually have easy access to vehicles. A car share program not only solves the pitfalls of car ownership, it also makes dreams a reality! One of the greatest benefits of Eligo Cars is the diversity of vehicles available. Eligo specializes in connecting car owners and drivers who share a common passion for automotive design, the driving experience, and the perfect moment. Unlike other traditional car rental agencies or car sharing services, Eligo focuses on the experience, and sharing that experience with others. Many can only dream of driving the newest Tesla, revving the engine of a sleek sports car, or driving to the beach in a classic convertible. Eligo Cars makes these dreams a reality every day.

More About Eligo Cars:
Eligo Cars, launched by car enthusiasts, is the first, pure Canadian car share start up in the sector. For many, vehicle ownership is expensive and impractical in many urban settings, making car sharing a perfect fit. Eligo Cars connects owners and drivers that share a common passion. Luxury, Sport, Electric and Exotic vehicles are available through Eligo’s innovative technology that streamlines the peer-to-peer car sharing experience, from planning and booking, to delivery and return, and all points in between. Now available in Ontario, Eligo Cars plans to expand to Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia by year-end.


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