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Try Car Sharing for Your Next Road Trip

Dreaming About a Vacation?

Holiday season is upon us! As exciting as a time this is, the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to make any fun plans this year. As Canadians, we’ve been living under travel restrictions and quarantine requirements since last March. I’m sure I’m not alone in dreaming of a not-so-distant time when we could sit at the beach and sip margaritas to escape Winter. Many of us are also making the difficult decision to Zoom with loved ones instead of seeing them in person this year. Oh 2020, are you over yet?

As plans are forced to change, a lot of Canadian travelers are looking at options at home, and road trips have become an ever popular way to experience a change of scenery while avoiding air travel. Luckily, we live in a vast country with tons of beautiful sights to see! If you’re considering a socially-distanced road trip with the family, why not drive the best car fitted for your trip plans? Whether you’re going off-roading in a rugged SUV or wanting to take an exotic to your family gathering, look no further than car sharing.

What is Car Sharing?

Peer-to-peer car sharing is a newer concept that has been increasing in popularity in the recent years. Just like what airbnb has done for home and condo owners, car sharing allows car owners to share their unused vehicles with people looking for a rental. Car sharing allows owners to make money from their cars, which in turn helps them with car payments, insurance and make extra money on the side. For renters, it’s a great alternative to owning a car without all of the costs and hassle of storing and maintaining a car. It’s also a lot cheaper than traditional car rental companies that offer fleets that are… boring at best and way overpriced for what they are.

If you’re looking for an affordable and simpler way to access cooler cars, and do it on your own terms, then meet Eligo, the new car-sharing startup founded in Toronto. Eligo was started by car lovers wanting to share their love of cars with other owners and drivers that share a common passion for automotive design, the driving experience, and creating the perfect moment. Their goal is to make beautiful cars accessible to everyone, whenever they need them.


Stop Dreaming and Get in the Driver Seat of Your Dream Car.

Check out these beautiful custom cars and more that are waiting for their next renter on Eligo’s website.


Porsche Cayenne you can rent on Eligo
2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe- a gorgeous SUV that is roomy enough to fit all your Christmas presents, and fast enough to satisfy your inner race car driver.


i8 you can rent on Eligo
2016 BMW i8 Hybrid- experience the power of this custom Electric Vehicle, delivered right to your door!

How to Travel Safely During COVID-19

Renting a car on Eligo is the safer alternative, because the transaction is done entirely online, and you don’t have to get in close contact with others. Eligo also has strict safety protocols to ensure that the car is clean and sanitized before each use. Eligo hosts show utmost care for the car and your satisfaction because it’s their own car and business. 

Although road trips can be less risky in terms of COVID exposure, you may still need to make stops along the way and expose yourself to more people than you’d like. Planning is key here to avoid unnecessary risks. Make sure to pack enough road trip supplies such as snacks, water, wipes etc. to minimize your stops. Don’t forget to also pack hygiene products such as hand sanitizer and stock up on masks for when you do have to make those stops. Another good idea is to map out your route ahead of time and select the best stop locations to stretch your legs and use the restroom.

Don’t Leave it in the Garage, Eligo and Make Money!

Perhaps you’re staying put this Holiday season and need a little extra cash for all the shopping? If you own a car that you don’t drive all the time, see how much money you can make sharing it with others. Eligo even has a calculator you can use to see how much you can rent your car for! You might be surprised how much extra income this will bring in, and perhaps help pay your car off. Some people are even turning this into a business by adding more cars that they can rent out to their personal fleet. And if you’re wondering about the safety, rest assured knowing that you’re covered under Eligo’s $2M liability insurance! The possibilities are endless…

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