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So What is Car Sharing Exactly?

The car industry has undergone numerous transformations since Karl Benz constructed the first automobile in 1885.

In the 20th century, Ford produced a variety of vehicles, from the classy Model T that ruled the early 1900’s to the first generation Ford Mustang that rocked the peace-loving 60’s to the modern, gas-friendly 2019 Ford Fiesta.

Over the last 100 years or so, other car companies have produced classy, luxurious, family-friendly vehicles that have helped millions to travel to and from desired destinations.

A vintage Bugatti Type 55 Roadster. Did you know that you can also share classic cars on Eligo?

However, nowadays, vehicle expenses have deterred several people from purchasing or owning a vehicle, due to monthly fees that come with a new car or possible problems that tend to arise from older, used vehicles, which is where the modern act of car sharing comes into play.

If you own a vehicle but the monthly expenses continue to rack up or if you don’t own a car because you fear heightened costs, you can opt to car share!

What is car sharing and how does it differ from renting a car?

Car sharing works similar to Airbnb.

A car owner can list their beloved automobile on a car sharing website, like Eligo, and when a driver needs a car for a hot date, a commute to grandma’s, a snazzy wedding exit, or whatever they so desire, they can sift through the listings and choose their ideal car.

Car sharing gives the driver a chance to find a car perfect for any occasion! For example, if the driver wants to impress his or her date, they can book a fancy, sleek-looking automobile.

Whereas when you rent a car, the process can come off as robotic – there’s no personal touch. Yet, this modern form of car sharing gives the driver and the owner a chance to connect over a vehicle! In the end, the owner not only helps out a driver in need, but the owner will also make some extra dollars.

How does car sharing benefit the owner of a vehicle?

Instead of letting your car collect dust in the garage while you watch Auston Matthews help lift the Maple Leafs to a win with a cold beer in hand, mow your lawn, dance in the kitchen to cheesy early 2000s pop music, walk your dog, work from home, you can let someone drive your car. In return, you will receive money, which may help to alleviate your overall car expenses.

Don’t leave it in the garage! Your car could be helping pay your bills.

Owners also have total control over who can drive their vehicle! For example, if someone asks to use your vehicle, you can choose to accept or decline their request. You, the owner, hold the power to choose when someone can drive your car and who can drive your car.

The thought of watching someone drive your vehicle may seem frightening, but if, on the odd chance, your driver gets into an accident, we, at Eligo, will cover the damages! Therefore, you can rest, relax, work without a worry (while your wallet grows).

However, if you find yourself fretting over your vehicle, you can check the tracking records, which shows you the whereabouts of your car, how often your driver revs the vehicle, you can see if they slam on the brakes often, and of course, you will see if your driver speeds. When your driver returns, you can joke (or scold) with them about their excessive speeding, braking, or revving.

If you choose to share your car, you will help out a variety of drivers, you will get the chance to meet unique personalities, and you will give someone else an opportunity to fall in love with your vehicle.

Car sharing gives people a chance to ride in style

When you drove a beater, run-down vehicle in high school, you probably dreamed of cruising down summer roads, cotton candy skies above, hair flowing with the wind, with your best friend or love of your life in the passenger side in a fancy-schmancy convertible.

As life continued on, you realized that on top of rent, groceries, and other necessities, that a polished, lustrous Porsche Boxster may not line with your total income. However, with car sharing, you can drive down the highway in a chic convertible, singing summer tunes with your loved one in the heat of golden hour.

Visit today and get in the driver seat of a car of your choice!

Once your driving record has been checked and approved, you can sign up to become a driver with Eligo!


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