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Explore the Cabot Trail

Today, we’ll explore one of the greatest road trips in Canada: Cabot Trail. The Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia is a picturesque highway with its 298 km loop that around the island’s northern tip. Cape Breton Island is one of the most beautiful places on Canada’s East Coast. There are numerous places to stop along the Cabot Trail.

Let’s start with top destinations you shouldn’t miss:

1. Baddeck

All of us knows who invented the telephone. Right, Graham Bell! Baddeck was Alexander Graham Bell’s home and there is a museum for him in Baddeck.

Not only telephone, he also developed countless medical machines and founded the National Geographic Society.

If you’re also some kind of cultural tourism enthusiast, you should visit Baddeck.


2. Middle Head Trail

Middle Head Trail has entrance from Keltic Lodge and if you have time & budget for there, you should try this path since this 3.8 kilometers route takes you through forests and fields with high cliffs.


3. White Point

Cabot Trail has excellent hiking routes and White Point might be the greatest one at Neil’s Harbour. This place is outside the National Park.










4. Neil’s Harbour

This tiny fishing village docked in the water with just its 300 residents. But especially in the summer, village population has been soared with tourists visiting Cabot Trail.

5. Skyline Trail








If you want to create a memorable moment with your loved one, Skyline Trail may be the greatest place for this. While hiking down, you’ll watch the sunset and amazing panorama.

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