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Discounted & Affordable Car Rentals

If you’re looking for a deal on your next rental, you’re in luck! Car sharing has been shown to be about 30% cheaper than traditional car rental companies. This difference is attributed to a several factors. Firstly, Eligo is a marketplace that keeps prices competitive. Car owners set their own prices based on demand. Owners are also able to offer discounts for extended rental periods. As opposed to going through a rental company, Eligo doesn’t have the physical location and has lower overhead. By keeping everything online, Eligo is able to pass the savings onto the renter. This also allows you to skip the kiosk and do everything at the comfort of your smartphone and computer. To see our discounted car rental options, visit our Car Search page.

Top Tips for Renting a Car

There are many car rental options out there, but not all of them are equal. Consider these tips before booking your next rental:

  • Consider Car Sharing vs. Renting

Car sharing is a newer concept that allows cars owners to share their vehicles when they are not using them. A car sharing platform like Eligo, allows the user to rent directly from the owner and cuts out other costs such as employee overhead making it about 30% cheaper! Eligo is easy to use on your smartphone or computer and everything is done online. Many cars on the platform also have flexible pickup and drop off options, as well as delivery and pickup from your location offered on certain vehicles. Make sure to consider the many benefits that car sharing offers vs traditional car rental companies before you book your next rental.

  • Safety

Not all car rental platforms have the same insurance and safety measures as Eligo. Make sure to read the fine print and learn about insurance coverage before you rent a car. Eligo has an extensive $2M liability insurance coverage that covers all renters. With other companies you may have to add insurance on as an option, raising the cost of your rental. By opting to protect all owners and renters, Eligo aims to create the safest car rental platform available. To learn more about our coverage through Northbridge Insurance, click here.

  • Vehicle Selection

With Eligo instead of being limited by a fleet of cars, you have access to an ever changing inventory of locally owned cars. Eligo’s platform gives you access to custom cars that a car rental company would not offer, at very competitive prices.