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Need a luxurious suv, this is a quick choice for you and/or your family. The 2014 Lexus RX 350 is a mid-size luxury crossover that sports updated exterior and interior designs for the current model year. The RX 350 is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 270 hp and 248 lb-ft of torque. The 6-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission can be paired with standard FWD or optional AWD. Fuel mileage falls within an EPA estimated of 18 mpg city to 25 mpg highway, depending on drivetrain selection. Features include power rear door, intuitive parking assist, push-button start with SmartAccess, adaptive front lighting, backup camera, heated/ventilated front seats, voice activated navigation, and dual screen rear entertainment system. Safety is comprised of 10-airbag system, anti-lock braking (ABS) with brake assist (BA), vehicle stability control, pre-collision system, smart stop technology, and tire pressure monitoring (TPMS).

Thanks for booking the Lexus, we hope that your trip will be enjoyable! We will have the Lexus parked outside waiting for you at our location or the place you chose for delivery, we will contact when the time gets closer. There is a parking place at our location with security coverage for you to park your car there as well. Once you arrive Willi will meet you and give you the keys for the Lexus, then go over the basics with you. Then you are good to go. You may return the car anytime within the timeframe that you chose, just park the car and communicate that with us and we will meet you there at the same time. Then you will be good to go. Willi will then go over the Lexus and do a post trip inspection to confirm that the car is in the same condition as before. You should receive the deposit within 5 business days.

Thanks for choosing to book the Lexus suv, we hope that it will be most comfortable and enjoyable. If you ever have any questions just call or text, we are here to help.

The Lexus is loaded with options but luckily they are similar to most vehicles and the options are all fairly self explanatory. If this is the first time driving a Lexus, here we will explain a few options to make it easier when you start driving. - Start/Stop engine; press button middle is in the dash right side of steering wheel. - Dash computer control; larger square knob middle console. - Cruise control; left side of steering wheel, below high beam lever, similar to all cars. - High beams; lever on the left side of steering wheel, longer lever. - Windshield wipers; lever on the right side of the steering wheel. These are the basics, the suv has many options and if you ever have a question just text or call us and we can help you find the answer. We hope this is a helpful guide to your ride and makes it easier to enjoy. Drive safe and enjoy.

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