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100 km/day


The most requested exotic in Canada, three years in a row 2018, 2019, 2020. ⏱ Get behind the wheel of this car in 30 mins or less (or I will invite you to free coffee) just send a request and come pick up right away. The fastest fulfillment host on Turo ever. ⚠️ Don’t compromise your experience with a cheap LED i8 knockoff, this is the full deal i8 with a fully loaded experience. There is the traditional Ferrari and Lamborghini.. and then there is the BMW i8; an exotic as it all, a spaceship from the future —year 2050— A cyborg? A robot in disguise? Optimus Prime? Enter the spaceship Tron style , and exit dihedral wing-door, red-carpet, celebrity style Ferraris are priced at $1,500/day ...I am pricing my i8 at a fraction of the price. Easily the best deal on an exotic you’ll ever get in Canada ⚠️ The i8 is hybrid. Drive on gas ⛽or battery(or both for unbelievable fuel economy) ✨ Turns heads everywhere (only downside is that people keep asking for photos ) Courtesy equipments - iPhone/Android charging cables in the car - Phone mount for safe driving The car is located 13 km away from core Downtown Toronto. 6 km away from Pearson International Airport YYZ. Car can be delivered anywhere downtown. 125 km included in the price.

Please call this number +1 (647) 917-6616 for check-in instructions.

Thank you for booking my car. I am confident you will have a great experience. Please call me at this number +1 (647) 917-6616 for check-in instructions.

Weekly : 5%
Monthly : 10%

CAD $2.35

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