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200 km/day


Limited Edition - 1 of 200. The BMW i8 Roadster is the convertible option. Delivering the performance of a sports car, the efficiency of a hybrid-electric vehicle and looks that turn heads and raise cameras; the i8 Roadster is an EXPERIENCE. Options include: - 20” BMWi Jet Black Wheels - 360 Degree Camera - Apple CarPlay - Head-up Display - Heated Seats - Active Driving Assistant - Keyless Entry & More! Please respect this car as it is your own, and return it in the same condition as received. Electric range up to 57km for a quite, smooth drive. Combined gas and EV range up to 500-600kms. Octane 93 or 94 gas only. Please note the car is a sports car with limited trunk space. Trunk volume is 2-3 Cu ft. No smoking. Damages and traces of abuse will be claimed immediately. NOTE: This car is not to be driven “track like” nor is stunt driving to be done. Traces of driving abuse is tracked and will be documented, with the possibility for damage claims.

Thanks for booking with me! Feel free to reach out to me if there is anything I can do to be of assistance. Enjoy your trip!

Due to COVID-19, where possible, a complete operation guide will be given to the guest upon check in. Putting the top down on this convertible, and opening the doors is as easy as pushing a button.

3 hour(s)

CAD $1.75

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