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Renting Exotic and Luxury Cars

If you’re looking to rent a luxury or exotic vehicle, make sure to check out Eligo’s inventory of locally owned cars. With Eligo, you can rent the car of your dreams directly from the owner for much lower prices compared to traditional car rental companies; in fact car sharing has been shown to be up to 30% cheaper!. Eligo is a marketplace that connects car owners and renters, and is a great place to find custom and limited edition cars that you wouldn’t see in a rental company’s fleet. To see our car rental options, visit our Car Search page.

A Car for Any Occasion

Thinking about surprising a loved one with a special car rental? Or just wanting to rent a car that’s extra comfortable and luxurious for your next business trip? Eligo has the perfect car for any occasion. Car sharing with Eligo is easy and convenient. You can rent a car for just a few hours or for an extended period, and have the option to have the car delivered and picked up from your location. Eligo is also a great place for an extended test drive of a car that you’re thinking about purchasing.

Safety & Insurance

Not all car rental platforms have the same insurance and safety measures as Eligo. Make sure to read the fine print and learn about insurance coverage before you rent a car. Eligo has an extensive $2M liability insurance coverage that covers all renters. With other companies you may have to add insurance on as an option, raising the cost of your rental. By opting to protect all owners and renters, Eligo aims to create the safest car rental platform available. To learn more about our coverage through Northbridge Insurance, click here.

Popular Luxury & Exotic Car Models

There are many makes and models in Eligo’s ever-changing inventory. Here are some of the popular cars that we have available right now: