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300 km/day


****RARE 7 Seater Tesla Model Y 2021 **** 🦠**For Your Safety, This Vehicle Is Thoroughly Disinfected Before and After Each Trip and Equipped with Hand Sanitizer for all Occupants.** 🦠 THIS BRAND NEW 2021 TESLA MODEL Y - 7 SEATER is truly a BEAUTIFUL FIND! With low Kilometers on the odometer you will be blown away by the Tesla driving experience! I can't wait for you to experience this incredible car! This Tesla is perfect for Long/Short trips without a worry in the WORLD about how much it costs to fill up that GAS TANK. This is the BEST FULLY Electric Vehicle I have driven. Comfort, luxury, quality, and most of all a complete head turner. Some Key Features: - Long Range 525 km (est) 🔋 -Beautiful Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint. - Black Leather Interior. - Upgraded 7 Seat Interior - 3rd Row Seating (This would be very uncomfortable seating for Adults, mainly meant for kids) -USB-C ports to plug in any other accessories - 3rd Row USB-C Charging - Full Seamless Glass panoramic Roof. -Massive 15” Touch Screen Display -Dual Motor All wheel Drive -Heated steering wheel with All seats heated for those chilly drives. -2 wireless phone chargers -Premium sound system that fills the cabin with Quality sound like no other. 🔉 -This car does not come with Full Self-Driving Capability. -This vehicle is equipped with a Built in Tesla Dash Cam, footage can be saved by honking once or manually through the touch screen. 📹 Honestly the car just has too many features to list. Explore the entire UI and find out as you go. First time with a Tesla? Don’t worry, I can guide you through the features if you’d like. :) Experience the car of the future. It’s like no other SUV on the Road.. Maybe because it’s secretly a Spaceship with wheels ;)🛸 This is a family vehicle and I am truly excited to share it with you. Please take care of it and drive it as if it was your Own Vehicle. **Click and Check vehicle Guidelines Tab towards the bottom for specific Do’s and Don’ts. Quick summary: -No Automatic Cloth or Brush Car Washing. Only Touch-less Washes please. Please do not go into car with dolly or rail as it could damage the rim. Only go into Carwash with Belt or drive through. I would suggest do hand wash. -No Pets Sorry (Fine)* -Absolutely No Smoking (Fine)* -No Erratic Driving or Speeding - Toll Roads will be invoiced - Parking/Traffic Tickets will be invoiced - Maintain a healthy battery percentage between 15% and 90% during the entirety of the trip. 🔌 Will drop off the Vehicle to you within a 50km Radius for a small fee. Please bring the car back to me in the same condition, Clean, and charged back to the same level as when it was picked up unless you purchase “Extras”. Don’t forget to check out the “Extras” section for a hassle free trip. Thank you ::::::::::ATTENTION RENTER:::::::::: I take great pride in keeping my cars cleaned and SANITIZED. To prevent the spread of germs during this pandemic every car is sanitized and cleaned thoroughly with anti-bacterial before and after each trip. Rest assured you are driving the world's cleanest germ free rental car on the market! ***Speed Limit Mode Capped at 130 KM/Hr ::::::::::Required by Host:::::::::: -Valid Driver's License

Please reach out if you would like me to deliver to a specific address. Additional charges may apply

🚭 Absolutely no smoking, vaping or drugs. There will be a fine of up to $500 for returning the car smelling of smoke, vapour or illegal substances. ** Do not curb rash the rims of car. A fine of $200 will be charged to fix them + cost 🔌 My Tesla will always be delivered with at least 50% charge or better. Please return with the same level. Nothing less than 50% of Range. Otherwise, there will be an additional charge of $35 on top of the difference. Please Do Not let the car battery fall below 15% state of charge at any time during the trip, plan you route and charge the car accordingly. Please do not charge the car past 90%. These charging levels are set in place to maintain the health of the Battery. ** Please Do Not let ANY Unauthorized guest drive the Vehicle. Only person booking or listed is Allowed and covered to drive this vehicle. The person booking the vehicle is responsible for any damages during the trip. 👮‍♀‍ Tickets and Tolls can be paid to me directly when you return the car, otherwise they will be charged through the app, in addition to the processing fee of $25. ⏰ Please be on time. If you would like to change the duration of your trip, I will try my best to accommodate you BEFORE your trip ends. Turo charges $50 per hour that you are late so please communicate with me beforehand. 💦 I will ensure the Tesla is cleaned before each rental. Please respect the next renter by bringing it back clean. A cleaning fee will be applied for bringing the car back excessively dirty or smelling of smoke. 🛣 There is a 300 km per day limit on this rental. Any additional mileage will be charged according to the posted rates. 👉🏼 Signs of abuse include: Excessive speed, intensive braking, irregular pedalling etc. Damages/excessive wear and tear will be reported to claims department. The Tesla is equipped with GPS tracking + Live-data logging as safety is always the top priority. 🚓 In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, please communicate with me first so that we can work out the most cost-effective way moving forward. 🐶 I am an animal lover but due to the allergic nature of pets, they are not allowed. Any pet hair found will be subject to a $200 fine. 😃 Most importantly, have fun, drive safe and enjoy your experience with my Model Y on Turo! 🕺

Weekly : 5%
Monthly : 10%

3 hour(s)

2 days

CAD $0.45

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