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100 km/day


Clean and spacious midsize SUV with a fuel efficient hybrid engine. Four doors with a tail gate for easy access. Comfortable and reliable. This car takes 89 octane unleaded gas and fuel economy is about 9l/100km.

Welcome, My wife and I will do our best to meet you in person to hand you the keys. If necessary other arrangements we be made. Drive safe and enjoy our Ford Escape.

This cat is a hybrid, which means that 10-20% of the time it operates on the electric engine for optimal fuel economy. The economy depends greatly on how you drive. Gentle breaking charges the batteries. The harder you break the less effective is the charging. You can observe all the statistics on the screen. The combustion engine takes 89 octane, unleaded gasoline. The fuelling valve is on driver’s side. The button to open the fuel cover is to the left of the stirring wheel. Drive safe and enjoy the ride.

Weekly : 10%
Monthly : 15%

6 hour(s)

1 day

30 days

CAD $0.45

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