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200 km/day


Rare! Full Self-Driving* + Unlimited Free Supercharge + 7-seater Guaranteed lowest price in Ontario, text me for price adjustment if you want to rent more than 1 day or price match (647six nine six7977) 0-100km/h in 4.8s with 518 horsepower. Towing capacity up to 5000lbs. 414km of range and the supercharge stations along the highway and in the city gives you pieace of mind. HOV lane access with single occupany. Embrace the future with lastest and greatest master piece from Elon Musk. This Model X equips with all the technology capability from Tesla, and takes you to anywhere for FREE with the unlimited superchraging. It is a great option no matter for experience the self-driving features or went for a long haul trip, or simply show off the falcon wing doors to your friend. Super convenient! It locates only 4 minutes north and 6 minutes south from the Supercharge stations. It takes about 30mins to charge 300km of range. *Full Self-Driving Capability ($12,000 option with latest hardware) Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars. Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces. Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really. Upcoming: Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs. Automatic driving on city streets.

Weekly : 10%
Monthly : 15%

1 hour(s)

1 day

30 days

CAD $0.45

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