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200 km/day


COVID-19 Update: I have purchased an ozone treatment cleaner, every time the car is rented and returned, it will be fully disinfected and cleaned. We can do a contactless check in and check out now. Safety is my number one concern and I hope everyone is keeping safe. Just because we're all grounded, it doesn't mean we can't drive a nice car to get our mind off things. Enjoy a futuristic exotic with Mclaren Scissor doors for the price of a daily rental. This is the only i8 in Canada with a see through engine bay, which glows at night. Drive the road-legal car that came from a prototype in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Mclaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari can be rented anywhere in the city but the i8 is a super-car from another world, it looks like it came from the future. This is the Delorean in Back to the Future, but actually in the future. Exotics like Lamborghini and Ferrari are rented for touring and weddings from $900-$1600/a day, I have priced the i8 at a very reasonable price and I want you to enjoy the drive, not just sit without the car turned on. This is the best-priced super-car on Eligo in North America. The i8 is a hybrid exotic, one of the few ever made, drive it in sports mode in gas-only and listen to the engine roar or drive in full electric mode for a quiet gas-less drive. $160,000 car with many add-ons and features, i8's are now a collector's item, since BMW announced the halt of their production, so enjoy a car as rare as a hidden gem on Eligo Canada and this is a car that is definitely meant for enjoying the drive. The power of an exotic and the drive of a grand touring. Drive in an exotic with head-turning features and because the car blends into the night, enjoy a peaceful and luxurious time without crowds. Additional equipment -iPhone lighting cable -Android C type and micro usb Car is dropped off anywhere in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton or Niagara will no additional charge. Be picked up, get the white-glove service with a quick car walk-through. For any inquiries, music videos, or features of the car please text me at 647.456.2811 or 416.918.3446

We can meet at Burlington, Square One, or Sherway Gardens. Please let me know where you’d like to meet prior to booking the car.

Thank you for booking the i8. I hope you enjoy your adventure and that this exotic makes your rental a memorable one! Please contact me if you have any questions.

The electric charger is in the front on the driver side. The gas is on the rear passenger side.

Weekly : 10%
Monthly : 15%

6 hour(s)

1 day

CAD $0.75

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