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Suv Car Rental

SUVs come in handy during the frigid Canadian winters with their 4WD options and high safety standards. These spacious vehicles are great for a lot of occasions from  road trips and vacation rentals to a comfortable ride to a special event. They are also the perfect option for families looking for a little extra space. Eligo is a great place to rent an SUV directly from a local owner. When they’re not using the vehicle, car owners make their cars available to rent on our platform. Many renters also use our platform to test drive a vehicle that they’re thinking about purchasing.

Top Suv Makes & Models

Eligo offers a wide range of options from souped-up supercars to spacious SUVs. Check out these SUVs available for rent right now:

Jeep Wrangler

This  compact mid-size 4WD SUV is the perfect off-roading machine. The Jeep Wrangler is an ever-popular option for those looking for an adventure while maintaining a comfortable and luxurious interior.

Porsche Cayenne &

The Porsche Cayenne is the perfect combination of gorgeous looks, incredible German engineering, and breathtaking performance in a mid-size crossover SUV. Available in many engine options, including hybrid, and countless interior customization options the Cayenne has something for everyone.

Range Rover Sport

A little bit smaller than the standard Range Rover, the Sport offers improved agility while redefining luxury. This high performance SUV also offers many engine options including hybrid and turbocharged diesel. With its incredible off-roading capabilities, the Range Rover Sport will remain a favorite of both luxury seekers and adventure lovers alike.

Sharing vs. Renting

       Car sharing is easier

Find your next vehicle and book a trip on Eligo, all from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. With Eligo, you book cars directly from owners, and don’t have to deal with employees or kiosks. Do you only need a truck for a few hours? No problem! Eligo has flexible pickup and drop off options, as well as delivery and pickup from your location offered on certain vehicles.

       Car sharing saves you money

Think of Eligo as a marketplace for car owners to list their vehicles. The prices are market driven and there are no employees or overhead when you rent directly from local car owners. Studies show that car sharing is up to 30% more economical than car rental companies.

       Better selection

Instead of being limited by a fleet of cars, car sharing gives you a lot more options. With Eligo, you have access to custom cars that a car rental company would not offer.

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