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Truck Car Rental

Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to help you move, could use a little extra space for a trip, or need to pick up materials for your next home project, a rental truck will come to your rescue. Eligo is a great place to rent a truck from a local owner. When they’re not using the vehicle, car owners make their cars available to rent on our platform. Many renters also use our platform to test drive a vehicle that they’re thinking about purchasing.

Top Truck Makes & Models

Ford 150

In production since 1948, the Ford 150 is the best selling vehicle in Canada. Ford offers various engine sizes and specs that are sure to fit everyone’s needs. Aside from the impressive towing capacity and engine options, the F-150 has many customization options that can take it from a work truck to a luxury vehicle.

Jeep Gladiator

Launched in 2020, the Jeep Gladiator is one of a kind. Armed with Jeep’s superior off-roading capabilities and class-leading towing  capacity, this new generation of truck has taken the car industry by storm.

Ram 1500

With its refined interior and superior ride, Ram 1500 is here to prove that driving a truck can be a luxury experience. Offering a great combination of fuel economy and towing power, the Ram continues to be one of the top rated light-duty vehicles.

-         Jeep Car Rental

Sharing vs. Renting

       Car sharing is easier

Find your next vehicle and book a trip on Eligo, all from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. With Eligo, you book cars directly from owners, and don’t have to deal with employees or kiosks. Do you only need a truck for a few hours? No problem! Eligo has flexible pickup and drop off options, as well as delivery and pickup from your location offered on certain vehicles.

       Car sharing saves you money

Think of Eligo as a marketplace for car owners to list their vehicles. The prices are market driven and there are no employees or overhead when you rent directly from local car owners. Studies show that car sharing is up to 30% more economical than car rental companies.

       Better selection

Instead of being limited by a fleet of cars, car sharing gives you a lot more options. With Eligo, you have access to custom cars that a car rental company would not offer.

Other Vehicle Types