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How to Boost Your Car?


Have you ever experienced a car failure like you turn on your car, but it doesn’t work? Did you know what you should do? Don’t panic, Eligo listed all useful tips and tricks to boost your car. Let’s show you how in detail.

1. Optimise the Exhaust System:

The exhaust system was developed when the engine manufacturers started to get a lot more horsepower. To ensure maximum power, they used to inject very high quantities of fuel into the exhaust flow in order to achieve a louder sound at the exhaust flow and hence increase the horsepower. They also added more catalytic converters to increase air-fuel ratio and reduce emissions. Unless you have healthy exhaust system, you cannot get the optimum performance from your car.


2. Boost Your Engine Power

What can be done to increase engine power and performance? One of the first things is lowering the revs. Engine revs are one of the most significant components in engine and transmission life.

A high rev limit in your car makes it more difficult to shift the transmission into neutral for example. Conversely, having your gearbox rev too far to be on the safe side makes for a very loud, rough shifting.

Even if you can’t get rid of the old engine, there are a few things you can do to lower its revs.

First up, you should change your transmission fluid. This is probably one of the first things you should do when you’re getting in the car. Since the old transmission fluid has caused more problems than you might


3. Boost Your Car Battery

Car batteries are the life of the car. Without them, the car won’t work, or will be sluggish. They’re also used with electronics.

If you’ve got a hybrid or other vehicle with an engine, it’s important to remember car batteries and how to keep them charged. Car batteries are important and require proper care and storage, including ensuring that they are regularly examined, cleaned and checked for any signs of damage at dealerships and garages.

Even without these precautions, car batteries will still last a while, so you can get by with a little help from the environment. Here we’ll talk about how to store car batteries safely, and what to do when one dies.

Steps to Jump Car Battery:

#1: Connect red to dead + (positive battery terminal)

#2: Connect red to donor + (positive battery terminal)

#3: Connect black to donor – (negative battery terminal)

#4: Connect black to dead, bare metal

#5: Start donor vehicle

#6: Start dead vehicle

#7: Disconnect in reverse (steps 4,3,2,1)

The alternative way to boost a car battery is a booster pack; if you have. Booster packs are sold at automotive retail stores and range in price from $50 and up. To boost the car battery, plug the booster pack into a power outlet, connect the positive (red) grip to the positive lead on the battery and then the negative grip to a bare metal part on the engine block.

To sum up, you’ve numerous options to fix your car, you just need to find reliable guideline. If you don’t have a car or leave your car for repair, Eligo is here to help you find rental car.

Here is the list of places you can find car rental on Eligo:


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