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The Ultimate Guide to Winter Tires in Canada


In Canada, winter tires are recommended for all Canadian drivers, Quebec and British Columbia are only two provinces where winter tires mandatory by law. In Canada, winter can be a serious factor from October through April. Unless you’re driving an all-wheel-drive vehicle and/or have a truck with four-wheel-drive, you may need to invest in winter tires. What are winter tires and why do I need them? Winter tires are special tires designed to provide extra grip on snowy and icy roads. Grip is important because it helps to stop your vehicle as quickly as possible. This can be life-saving as it reduces the risk of an accident if you suddenly encounter ice or snow. What should I look for when I purchase winter tires?

Let’s start meet winter tires!

Benefits of Winter Tires:

  1. Winter tires have the best grip on ice and snow
  2. Winter tires provide extra safety
  3. Winter tires can lower your insurance premium
  4. Winter tires last longer.
  5. They provide higher snow manoeuvrability with its better steering and braking.



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