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The Benefits of Renting a Bentley & Top Models To Choose From

In the world of luxury cars, perhaps there is no name as sought-after as Bentley.

Bentley Motors Limited is known for manufacturing many of the most accomplished vehicles in terms of performance and style. 

The company’s manufacturing process in Crewe, England is in a class of its own. Each handcrafted Bentley car embodies the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship of its time, striking the perfect balance between comfort, luxury and reliability. It’s easy to see why today’s discerning driver would often find themselves in search of a best-in-class Bentley rental.

Benefits of Renting a Bentley

Handcrafted, Customized Cars

A good part of a Bentley car’s assembly is performed by skilled hands rather than robotics. Bentley’s division for customization, Mulliner, has some of the world’s most skilled craftspeople who use their extensive engineering and creative resources to create unique cars suited for each soon-to-be owner’s specific preferences. 

Eliminate The Cost of Maintenance 

The price of a Bentley can vary significantly depending on the level of customization. These cars are also well-known for their best-in-class features, which may translate to additional maintenance expenses and the need for an exceptional parking space. Car ownership essentials like these can add up to a hefty sum. With our car sharing app, car owners can use Eligo to offset the costs.

Drive a Rare Luxury Vehicle

Bentley is quite synonymous with scarcity, and only a little over 11,000 units were sold in 2019. This, combined with their line-up’s signature performance and style, make a complete package that car enthusiasts across the world can appreciate. And for some discerning drivers wanting to drive a Bentley for the first time, it’s simply a matter of using a luxury car rental service and finding a curated selection of cars.

Top Models of Bentley

Since becoming a subsidiary of Volkswagen in 1998, Bentley has had major changes in its model line-up and saw several significant improvements. The line-up now consists of the Mulsanne, Continental GT, the Flying Spur and the Bentayga.

The Mulsanne is the Bentley range’s flagship model. Known as the world’s finest handmade car, it symbolizes the purest blend of innovation, power and artistry. Its refined, hand-finished interior and formidable exterior create a luxurious experience complemented by a powerful yet economical engine.

The Continental GT redefines the grand tourer category with its array of peerless cars that promise to traverse long distances at high speeds with the utmost ease.

The Bentayga puts the focus on performance and is combined with a suite of the latest technologies resulting in a luxury SUV that can explore any environment. These cars bring together exceptional handling and comfort for a driving experience without limits.

The Flying Spur is where extraordinary performance, contemporary design, and technological innovations intersect. Its assertive form strikes the perfect balance with its intricate, modern craftsmanship to bring about a sense of refinement that’s also evident in the car’s performance. Like the rest of the Bentley line-up, the New Flying Spur is built to deliver a luxurious drive in various environments and conditions.


Whether it’s for your upcoming red carpet event or a spectacular weekend drive across the scenic countryside, you can never go wrong with a Bentley and its century heritage of impressive luxury cars. Of course, a Bentley rental is just one of your many options when using a car sharing company.

At Eligo Cars, our simple but comprehensive car peer-to-peer car sharing service easily connects car renters with a diverse range of cars for any occasion. If you can appreciate everything about a Bentley and are searching for another car that also encapsulates the best in luxury and performance, browse our selection.

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