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Discover The Quebec City

Quebec City is the capital city of the Canadian Province of Quebec. It’s the second largest city in Montreal. Quebec City is one of the oldest cities built by European settlers in North America.


Quebec City offers a trip back in time and great travel experience for travelers. You can find excellent terrace restaurants, churches and great parks. So, we have a recommendation list your travel before you visit:

Best Things to Do in Quebec City

  1. Walk Around Lower and Upper Old Quebec
  2. Visit Dufferin Terrace
  3. See Montmorency Falls
  4. Visit Battlefields Park
  5. Biking in Jacques-Cartier National Park


Old Quebec

Qld Quebec was established in 17th century and UNESCO World Heritage site. This place is split into the Upper Town and the Lower Town.

It has many attractions like bars, restaurants, Fort Museum and so on. If you have travel plan to Canada, you should visit here.

Dufferin Terrace

Dufferin Terrace is one of the most popular vantage points in Quebec City. If you like meditation or relaxing, should have a rest on Dufferin Terrace and enjoy the life.

Battlefields Park

If you like wide parks with fresh air, you shouldn’t miss Battlefields Park. Plains of Abraham Museum is also here and it’s great for anyone interested in history.


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